Laptop Thief Returns for More the Next Day, Police Say

According to police, the 46-year-old Milwaukee man tried stealing some accessories the next day and concealed a headset between his legs.

If at first you succeed, try again until you get caught.

OK, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it could very well have been the motto a 46-year-old Milwaukee man who allegedly shoplifted from Best Buy on consecutive days lives by.

According to the Greenfield Police Department report, police were called to Best Buy, 4610 S. 76th Street, Sept. 18, after loss prevention personnel recognized a man in the store that matched the description of a suspect who stole a $1,200 Apple MacBook Pro computer the night before.

While police watched him on the surveliance cameras, the man removed cords from another Apple computer setting off an alarm. He moved on and continued to walk through the store selecting various merchandise. He picked up a charging kit and concealed it underneath his jacket. He then made his way to the cell phone section of the store and concealed two additional items.

When the man was stopped at the store’s exit by police, he admitted to having concealed items, but said he wasn’t going to steal them and that he had a change of heart.

Police located a Bluetooth headset valued at $130 and an $80 power adapter underneath the front of his shirt, and another $130 Bluetooth headset concealed between his legs near his genitals.

When police asked him about the MacBook from the night before, the suspect said he stole the computer and sold it for $100 cash.

The man received two municipal retail theft citations and was later charged with one misdemeanor count of retail theft by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

arh September 26, 2012 at 11:53 AM
"...he wasn’t not going to steal them." I'm guessing you got that part wrong.
David Cotey September 26, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Sure did. Thanks for the heads-up!


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