Men Try to Take Ronald McDonald House Donations from Drive-Thru

A suspect is seen trying to take the box on Christmas Day.

Two suspects were caught on video trying to steal money from a charity donation box in the drive-thru of McDonald’s, 4275 S. 27th St., before trying to open the drive-thru window itself Christmas Day.

According to the Greenfield Police Department report, a surveillance video of the restaurant show a suspect walking through the drive-thru at 10:53 p.m. Dec. 25. The man first tried to remove the Ronald McDonald House donation tray but was unsuccessful.

He then made at least two attempts to put his hands inside the tray, but was unable to pull any money out. After those attempts failed, the man appeared to try to slide the drive-thru window open.

The suspect then walked over to a second drive-thru window, but it is unclear on video what he was trying to do. A store employee, however, informed police the window had been forced open.

A second suspect was also seen on video and after the two had a short conversation, they walked away.


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