Police Could Get Paid for Park Patrol

Of course, Greenfield police already patrol the county parks located within the city, but under a new proposal, the department could get its share of $125,000.

As part of an announcement of a proposal that would change who polices the City of Milwaukee’s lakefront, park patrols and 911 system, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said he’d propose a payment from the county to suburban municipalities to compensate for their police serves of county parks.

The grant, in the amount of $125,000, would go to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council, which would determine how the money is distributed among the 18 municipalities.

In Greenfield, the police department would receive money for something it already does.

“We have been policing the county parks in Greenfield since the 60s,” Police Chief Brad Wentlandt said. “The availability of funds from the county for our costs to do so would be a positive.”

Greenfield has two county parks: Alan Kulwicki Park and Zablocki Park.

The biggest piece of the proposal impacts Milwaukee, where the Milwaukee Police Department would formally assume policing duties in 2013 at County Parks in the City of Milwaukee, including the Lakefront. MPD will also handle cellular 911 calls made in the City of Milwaukee, eliminating the current step where the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office takes the calls and transfers them to Milwaukee.
MPD would be paid $1.6 million in 2013 for the increased workload.
The proposal, a joint effort by Abele and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, will be taken to the Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee Common Council for approval.


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