All Greenfield, Whitnall Schools 'Meet Expectations'

Greenfield's six schools and Whitnall's four all received report cards from the Department of Public Instruction that were released Monday.

The six schools in the Greenfield School District, and all four in the Whitnall School District, meet or exceed the state expectations as measured by new preliminary school report cards issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public instruction.

Grades were given on a 100-point maximum scale. Scores between 83-100 means a school significantly exceeds expectations; 73-82.9 exceeds expectations; 63-72.9 meets expectations and so on.

Schools are scored on four categories: student achievement, student growth, closing gaps and on-track and postsecondary readiness.

Two of Greenfield’s four elementary schools graded out as exceeding expectations: Maple Grove (74.4) and Elm Dale (74.2).

Maple Grove received very high marks in closing the gap (78.4) and on-track / postsecondary readiness (87.2). Elm Dale’s highest scores came in the on-track / postsecondary readiness (88.5) and student achievement (72.4) categories.

Greenfield’s other elementary schools, Edgewood (70.0) and Glenwood (67.3) “meet expectations,” as do the middle (67.2) and high (69.0) high schools.

Neither Superintendent Conrad Farner nor Director of Educational Services Todd Bugnacki was immediately available for comment Monday.

Whitnall’s four schools landed right where that district’s superintendent expected them to.

The district’s elementary schools — Edgerton (81.6) and Hales Corners (73.1) — both exceed expectations, as does the middle school (74.4). The high school’s 72.8 just missed the cutoff for “exceeds.”

“That’s exactly what we expect,” Superintendent Lowell Holtz said of his district’s grades. “We projected that with the new measures of standards, the actual scores would be lower than the public had seen in the past, but we still compare favorably to other districts.”

All four schools achieved “exceeds expectations” in both student achievement and on-track / postsecondary readiness. Edgerton tallied a district-best 81.0 in student achievement, and three of the four schools were in the 90s in on-track / postsecondary readiness.

Holtz said that should come as no surprise.

“The categories that focus on academic achievement and readiness, that’s what we’ve been focused on for the last decade, and obviously, we scored well in those areas,” Holtz said. “We’re looking forward to working with those new report cards, raise the bar and shoot even higher.”

Greenfield Resident Too! October 22, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Looks like improvements need to be made!


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