District Employees Publicly Support Administration at Board Meeting

Two employees defended the administration, while two residents echoed concerns that were raised earlier this month.

Two weeks after a , two district employees stood up and told a different story Monday.

Cynthia Winard, who has worked in the district for 37 years and is the district’s Open Enrollment/Chapter 220 coordinator, and Community Relations Manager Stuart Wilke praised Superintendent Conrad Farner and his administrative team in front of about 55 audience members at the School Board meeting.

The remarks were made during the public comments portion of the meeting.

Two citizens echoed sentiments teacher , but Winard said the current administration team has been a refreshing change over the years, and that during her years in the human resources department, the administrators have handled all personnel decisions with dignity and respect.

"In all the years I’ve worked for Greenfield, I’ve never seen a better team of administrators,” Winard said. “The current team does at least double the work than years ago when the district had more administrators to do the job. … the amount of work expected from the state of Wisconsin and the Department of Public Instruction has increased beyond what most people can understand. This team has done more with less people.”

Winard said administration does have high expectations for all employees, but it’s in the best interests of the students. She added all employees are considered members of the team.

“The change in work environment in the many years I have worked here has been amazing,” Winard said. “It has gone from total negativity about everything to a very definite feeling of positivity.”

Wilke, who previously worked with Farner in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, said he applied for his current position because of Farner and his desire to work with him again.

“I knew of his absolute devotion to public education, his willingness to listen to others and his team approach to getting the job done,” Wilke said. “Those are traits, by the way, every administrator in this district shares.”

“Lately there have been some comments made by some bloggers on a local website that have been critical of the district and its administrators," he added.  "Some of those bloggers would like you to believe they have the inside scoop on the district and I will tell you they do not. I would suggest that unless you’ve been here during normal office hours, early in the morning, late at night or on the weekends, you’d never imagine how much time and effort Mr. Farner and his administrators dedicate to the Greenfield School District students.”

Wilke said every decision made by administration is “made in the best interest of your children” and that administrators share the same dedication to the students as the teachers.

Two citizens countered the employee comments.

Bob Huele said there are problems between the staff and administration, and the board is ultimately responsible for what he called a “crisis” in the district because it has turned authority over to administration.

“The people elected you, and not the (superintendent),” Huele said. “I truly believe the system here is broken and can’t be fixed unless drastic steps are taken so we can move on.”

Tracy Jendrzejek, who has children who attend , urged the board to look into the number of retirements, transfers and resignations coming from that school. She estimated half the Maple Grove staff was moving on, but Farner said the number was closer to eight of 24 teachers.

“As a parent, I’d like my kids to have the same teachers and have the teachers see them grow throughout the years,” Jendrzejek. “It concerns me that I have kids that have had teachers that are no longer there and having younger kids coming into the school and not having those teachers.

Jendrzejek said parents have raised concerns at Maple Grove at a building and administrative level, but don’t feel like those concerns have been addressed.

John Seymour June 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM
This has nothing to do with Act 10.
Billy Ray June 28, 2012 at 03:02 AM
John, conversely, the two people that spoke at the meeting were a former board member and a parent who have almost no connection to Farner...a weaker argument yet. Also if the mistreatment that you are making accusations of was sooooo bad why was there no coordination to have those who were driven from their careers in Greenfield to come back and state their cases? Or, better yet, if you know so much and "Seymour" why didn't you speak at the last meeting? It's easy to sit at your computer in the comfort of your home and make apparently unfounded accusations, but much harder to stand in front of the public and make your case. However, if you truly believe what you say and have the proof to back it then it should be rather easy. This whole thing seems rather adolescent and a campaign by a very small group of people to smear the reputation of a man trying to do the best he can with limited resources. Additionally, the hiring of people from West Allis has been portrayed as a liability, but in fact demonstrates the strength of his leadership. Why would people quit their jobs there and follow someone who yells and belittles as you claim?
John Seymour June 28, 2012 at 01:03 PM
It seems to me you are sitting at your computer as well only you are defending him. This is not a campaign to smear Conrad. It is a campaign to try and bring out the truth. Most people who left are just glad they got out and don't want to look back. Also, they are either not allowed to talk to the board, or no board members have contacted the people I know. I don't care if he hires people from West Allis that whole thing is overblown, but what I do care about is potentially illegal practices that are going on. The problems I am talking about are not things that you would bring up at a public school board meeting.
Shari June 29, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I believe that the woman who spoke is the president of Maple Grove's STP. She is extremely active in volunteering on behalf of the children. She is n the school enough to have a clear picture of what is going on there. She spoke representing the MANY parents at Maple Grove that are very upset about the things they saw in the school this year. She is upset about the mass exodus of high quality teachers from the school. If she is not qualified to speak who is?? Who else would be more qualified to speak up for the children?
Greenfield Resident Too! June 30, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Ask other community employees from around other school districts (including West Allis) and see what is said about Mr. Farner; you might change your views. I personally have received many negative comments about him. Again look outside the box to see if he really is in a position to help the children of Greenfield. It is my opionion that our administration should NOT have recieved raises when our children are hurting in the class rooms by various budget cuts. That estimated $7,000 in raises could have paid for the smart boards, books, and maybe an added staff member.


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