Teacher Grievance Policy Getting Another Look

Greenfield teacher union president Kerri Jo Patten told the Greenfield School Board this summer the policy was flawed.

The Greenfield School Board is expected to take another look at Policy 3112, which defines — and in same cases, limits — board-staff communication procedures when it meets at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

This particular policy, which came under the scrutiny of union president Kerri Jo Patten in August, has in part kept the School Board from approving this year’s employee handbooks.

As a result, employees have been operating under the regulations and guidelines of last year's handbooks.

In addition, another Greenfield School District central office employee will have her request to leave come before the board Monday.

Maureen Voss, the district technology manager, submitted her resignation to be effective Nov. 7, according to a background memo submitted by Superintendent Conrad Farner and Assistant Superintendent Todd Bugnacki that accompanies the Oct. 1 board meeting agenda.

With the resignation, the administration will be “examining the district’s technology staffing needs, as well as the entire central office staffing to  determine the best way to proceed for both the short- and long-term,” the memo said.

In August, two administrators resigned: District Math Coordinator Sara Summ and Curriculum Coordinator Michele Weisrock.

robert heule October 01, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Here's my take on the Board-Staff Communication Policy(3112) if adopted. "There are times when the laws of conscience trump the laws of man" This may be the time.Go for it.


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