Fire Chief: 4th of July Fireworks Show Still a Go

Greenfield Fire Department Chief Jon Cohn said despite the dry conditions, he does not anticipate canceling the city's fireworks spectacular.

Despite no change to the ultra-dry weather conditions that have hung around southeastern Wisconsin for more than a month, the City of Greenfield is in little danger of having its July 4 fireworks celebration cancelled, according to Fire Chief Jon Cohn.

Cohn said the department will continue to monitor conditions, and said the fireworks show will go on.

“We met with the fireworks vendor and we discussed some precautions were going to take,” Cohn said. “We’re going to have additional resources in place due to the conditions, but we anticipate the same show as usual.”

The fire chief said his department will water down the launch areas set back behind the baseball diamonds, will have additional personnel present at and will have access to a portable water truck thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Cohn said of greater concern than the city’s aerial presentation are illegal consumer fireworks that stay low and create sparks and flames on the ground.

“Due to the magnitude of fireworks shows, there’s a lot of attention put on them, but higher on the radar screen are some of the things that individual residents could be doing to prevent what really is more of a danger,” Cohn said.

Some Wisconsin cities, like Baraboo, Hartford and Wisconsin Dells, have cancelled their shows, according to FOX 6 Now, but Cohn said that could be due to launch locations or other factors Greenfield isn’t up against.


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